ShineHope Equine establish by well known engineer with 20 years production experience in the equine industry. 

ShineHope Equine manufacturing and building the highest quality horse stall doors, horse stables, horse barn equipments, horse walkers, horse show jumping and saddle box etc around the world.

With more than 15 years working with overseas buyer in Equine Field, including equine importer, wholesaler, distributor, some national big retailer and Agent and end user.

Quality and Safety are our mission.

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Product Details

Our Advantage

For horse stall manufacturer and horse stable factory, here are several advantages as below:

  • Cost Effectiveness: A horse stall factory can achieve economies of scale, this can lead to more competitive pricing for customers while maintaining profitability for the factory.

  • Customization: A horse stall factory allows for the production of custom stalls to meet the specific needs inlcudes the sizes, the designs, the materials and features that best suit the horse's comfort and safety.

  • Quality control: As a horse stable factory, there is a greater control over the quality of the horse stable being produced. Skilled craftsmen and robot welding can ensure that each stall is built to the highest standards.

  • Timely Delivery: As a horse stable factory, there is greater control over productions schedules. This ensure that customers receive their horse stables on time.

  • After-sales service: As horse stall manufacturer, ShineHope Equine offer comprehensive after-sales service, including horse stall installation support and maintenance advice.

Fill Wood Option

  • ShineHope Equine offers the bamboo woods, the plastic boards, the pine woods, etc popular fill durable woods for horse stalls, horse stables, horse barn doors, dutch doors, etc. 

  • The choice of fill wood depends on factors such as budget, durability requirements, maintenance considerations, and personal preferences.

  • All different kinds of fill woods with tongue and groove to make it safe and suitable for equine use.  

The Bamboo Woods

  • The bamboo wood is the strongest option for horse stalls as it's well known strength and flexibility.The hardness is much more stronger than oak or pine woods. Horses can not kick through the bamboo boards.

  • Bamboo is anti-insect treatment resistant to pests and has a smooth surface that reduce the risk of splinters.

  • Bamboo thickness 20mm, 28mm, 32mm and 38mm can take the weight from 3000kgs to 8000kgs.

The Pine woods

  • The pine woods is the standard woods for horse stalls,  soft material but durable, and easy to staining to different colors to meet horse stall colors.

  • The horse stall pine woods is the most popular option with cost efficient. 

  • The pine woods with Tongue and Groove, the thickness from 28mm, 32mm, 38mm to 42mm.

The Plastic boards

  • The plastic boards is made from 100% high-density polyethylene  ( HDPE ), with impact-resistant and water-resistant. Popular using for horse stalls, horse stables, horse washing, and horse riding.

  • The horse stable plastic boards is lightweight, resistant to moisture, rot and insects.Do not need painting to save the low-maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • With 28mm and 32mm thickness. Strong enough for horse kicking.

  • The populor colors are Black, Grey, Brown, Green. Other colors are available.

Horse Stall Installations

Sometimes, the clients will have a little worrying about horse stall installations. Seems it is difficult to do it, and it need to pay more money to hire the prefessional worker to do it. But if you get the horse stalls or horse stables from ShineHope Equine. It is much easier than you think. 

  • We are providing full sets of horse stable accessories for stall installation can greatly enhance the ease and safety of the process.

  • The full sets horse stall mounting hardware inlcudes screws, bolts, brackets and other fasteners necessary for securely attaching the stalls to the floor, the walls, the wood posts and other steel structure.

  • All of our horse stalls and horse stables are suitable for any construction materials, from the wooden horse barn, to concrete construction, from the steel structure construction, to brick walls. We are providing a full set different kinds of of connecting accessories to making your installation easier and more convenient, and more durable and safe.

  • The clear and detailed instructions include with the accessories are providing, include the step by step guidance for a safe and efficient installation process.

Horse Project

  • The horse stall projects and horse stable projects from ShineHope Technology can be founded all over the world, for equestrian facilities and horse owners  worldwide have a need for well-designed and functional horse stalls to ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of their horses. 

  • Horse stall manufacturer like ShineHope technology cater to customers worldwide, providing their expertise and products to meet the diverse needs of different regions. allowing customers from around the world to benefit from their quality products and design solutions. 


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