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Horse Fencing

Horse fence is a specialized enclosure designed to safely contain and secure horses within a designated area while providing essential protection, promoting the well-being of the animals, and delineating boundaries for equestrian spaces. Horse fences are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of horses, considering their size, behavior, and safety requirements. These fences play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of both horses and caretakers while allowing for controlled movement and interaction.

Horse fences are designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to minimize the risk of cuts, scrapes, or entanglements. 

Strength and Durability: Horses can exert significant pressure on fences. Therefore, horse fences need to be robust and sturdy enough to withstand their weight, pushing, and rubbing.

Gates: Horse fences are equipped with gates for convenient access and movement of horses, equipment, and people. Gates are designed to match the style and functionality of the fence while maintaining security.

Beyond functionality, horse fences contribute to the overall appearance of the equestrian property. Many designs allow customization to match the aesthetic preferences of the facility.