About Horse Walker: Everything You Need To Know


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About Horse Walker: Everything You Need To Know 


When you find yourself tirelessly working to exercise your horses, struggling with timing and speed for their training recovery, or unable to training them due to weather constraints, have you ever pondered, "Is there a device or machine that could replace manual labor and automatically training horses?" This article will delve into the relevant information about horse walkers, aiming to assist you.


What Is a Horse Walker?

An horse walker is a novel machine designed to substitute for manual horse walking. Typically circular in design, horses move and exercise within the circle of the horse walker. People can adjust the settings of the automatic horse walker based on the breed of horses and their specific needs, including exercise duration and speed, to help expend energy, maintain health, and aid in effective recovery.


What Are the Sizes of Horse Walkers? And What size is good for you?


The specifications and dimensions of a horse walker are crucial. When considering purchasing one, you need to plan ahead regarding the size of your premises and the number of horses you own. Our automatic horse walkers come in diameters of 10 meters/4 horses, 12 meters/4 horses, 16 meters/6 horses, 18 meters/6 horses, 20 meters/8 horses, and 22 meters/10 horses. Even-arm configurations contribute to the balance and stability of the horse walker.

  • 10-meter and 12-meter diameters are suitable for 4 horses. These compact horse walkers are suitable for private horse farms with a few horses or facilities limited by space.

  • 16-meter and 18-meter diameters accommodate 6 horses. This size is the most popular; for facilities with around 20 horses, a 16-meter or 18-meter diameter is a good choice, providing spacious areas for horses to exercise freely and recover effectively.

  • 20-meter and 22-meter diameters accommodate 8 horses and 10 horses, respectively. These large horse walkers are more suitable for larger equestrian centers, even requiring multiple units. They not only facilitate unified management and exercise but also save time and costs.


6 Benefits of Using A Horse Walker:


  • Automatic horse walkers can adjust training time and walking speed according to the condition and needs of horses.

  • Targeted improvements in training efficiency or recovery can be achieved by adjusting the intensity and depth of training.

  • Unaffected by adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, or snow, roofed horse walkers allow training to continue at any time.

  • Eliminating the need for manual labor to lead horses, they save time and costs. You can attend to other stable tasks while horses are on the horse walker.

  • Considering the increasing cost of manual labor, automatic horse walkers also save on labor costs.

  • Automatic horse walkers provide a safe and controlled environment, reducing the risk of horse injuries.



How Long Should a Horse Be On a Walker is the best?

When using an horse walker for training, you may often wonder, "How long should each training session last?" There is no strict rule. Based on expert experiments and extensive experience, horses typically spend about 20 minutes on the horse walker, a duration that provides adequate exercise without causing training fatigue. The specific training duration should be determined based on the horse's health, training plan, and individual needs.



How Fast Does A Horse Walker Go?

Our advanced horse walkers feature continuous speed adjustment. You can adjust the speed from 0 to 30 kilometers per hour according to your needs. The infinite speed adjustment perfectly matches any pace; horses can walk, trot, jog, canter, and gallop inside the horse walker.


How Much Does a Horse Walker Cost?

If you're considering purchasing a brand-new automatic horse walker, you're surely curious about its price. A complete horse walker typically comprises several components. Through this article, you can gain a basic understanding of the price range of horse walkers:

  • Horse walker main body: Price between $4000 to $6000.

  • Inner and outer fence panels: Depending on the material, price between $3000 to $10000.

  • Roof for the horse walker: Price between $6000 to $15000.

  • Rubber flooring for the horse walker: Price between $3000 to $6000.

Rubber Mats For Horse Walkers

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