Footing Fiber

Footing fiber is utilized in equestrian arenas to enhance and tailor the properties of the riding surface, providing several benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of both horses and riders. 

Surface Stability and Consistency: Footing fiber helps stabilize the surface by binding with the base materials, such as sand. This results in a consistent and uniform riding surface that offers a stable foundation for various equestrian activities. 

Impact Absorption and Joint Protection: The addition of footing fiber to the riding surface can provide a degree of shock absorption. This cushioning effect helps reduce the impact on horses' joints and limbs, which is particularly important for preventing injuries during high-intensity activities like jumping and training.

Traction and Grip: Footing fiber can improve traction by creating a textured surface that offers better grip for horses. This is especially beneficial during quick turns, stops, and maneuvers, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Dust and Air Quality Control: Many types of footing fiber are designed to minimize dust, which is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for both horses and riders. 

Different blends and ratios of footing fiber can be used to customize the riding surface based on specific performance goals.

Arena Leveller: SHE751

Arena Leveller is a piece of equipment commonly used in horse riding arenas and training facilities to maintain the quality of the riding surface. It's designed to evenly distribute and level the footing material, to create a safe and consistent surface for riding and other equestrian activities.



To use a horse arena leveller, it's attached to a suitable tractor and driven around the arena. The leveller's components work to break up clumps, distribute the footing material, and create a smooth and level surface. The operator can adjust the settings of the leveller to achieve the desired level of grooming based on the arena's condition.

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Product Details
Working Depth(mm)50-100
Working Width(mm)180022003000
Matched Power(HP)25-4035-5560-80


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