Round Pen Cover

Color Steel Tile ,Rubber Sheet

The round pen cover is the perfect addition to your existing horse facility. Besides color steel tile roof, this type round pen features a sturdy vinyl roof. You can match it with your horse stable to achieve a flexible design integrating breeding and training. Our round pen cover diameters from 34 feet to 66 feet to meet daily needs.

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Product Details

Round Pen with Horse Panel

Shinehope round pen cover is a structure designed to enclose and protect a round pen, often used for horse training, exercise, or containment. It is essentially a roof or canopy built over a circular fenced area to provide shelter from all weather conditions.Below is a description of round pen covers and their features and benefits:

1. Design: Our round pen covers are constructed of a sturdy metal frame and covered with durable covering materials such as canvas or color steel tiles.

2. Weather Protection: One of the main purposes of round pen is to protect the enclosed area from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and excessive sun exposure. This protection ensures that horses can continue training or exercising regardless of the weather. In addition to being weatherproof, the lunging ring  also helps keep the enclosed area free from leaves and other environmental factors that may cause disruption or danger during training.

3. Temperature Regulation: The round pen cover can provide shade on hot sunny days and insulation on cold weather, helping to regulate the temperature in enclosed spaces. This feature makes horse and trainer comfort during training.

4. Privacy and Focus: The enclosed space provided by the round pen cover creates a more private and focused environment for training sessions, which allows the horse to better focus on its task and enables the trainer to perform specific exercises and behaviors more efficiently.

5. Customization Options: The round pen cover can be customized to fit a variety of round pen sizes and shapes.

6. Cost-effective:Compared with the color steel tile roof, this one is lower in cost.


Item No.Size
RoofRound Pen Fence

Vinyl Roof

1. Fence panel with Steel Tube 

2. Fence Panel with HDPE Sheet 

3. Fence Panel with Pine Woods 

4. Fence Panel with Bamboo 

5. Fence Panel with Rubber Sheet


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Different Fence Panel

Round Pen with Horse PanelRound Pen with Horse Panel .HDPESheetRound Pen with Horse Panel- PineWoods or Bamboo Boards
Round Pen with Horse PanelRubber SheetRound Pen with Horse Panel-SolidHDPE SheetRound Pen with Horse Panel - SolidPine woods or Bamboo boards

Product Packing

Color Steel Tile ,Steel Tube

Color Steel Tile ,HDPE Sheet

Color Steel Tile,Bamboo Panels

Color Steel Tile , Solid HDPE Sheet

Color Steel Tile ,Solid Pine woods

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