Footing Fiber

Footing fiber is utilized in equestrian arenas to enhance and tailor the properties of the riding surface, providing several benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of both horses and riders. 

Surface Stability and Consistency: Footing fiber helps stabilize the surface by binding with the base materials, such as sand. This results in a consistent and uniform riding surface that offers a stable foundation for various equestrian activities. 

Impact Absorption and Joint Protection: The addition of footing fiber to the riding surface can provide a degree of shock absorption. This cushioning effect helps reduce the impact on horses' joints and limbs, which is particularly important for preventing injuries during high-intensity activities like jumping and training.

Traction and Grip: Footing fiber can improve traction by creating a textured surface that offers better grip for horses. This is especially beneficial during quick turns, stops, and maneuvers, helping to prevent slips and falls.

Dust and Air Quality Control: Many types of footing fiber are designed to minimize dust, which is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for both horses and riders. 

Different blends and ratios of footing fiber can be used to customize the riding surface based on specific performance goals.

Footing Fiber: SHE741-743

Footing fiber is classified based on several factors, including its composition, intended use, and specific properties. 

Here are some common classifications of footing fiber in ShineHope Equine: Fluffy geotextile fibers(GTA);Geotextile small flakes (GTB); Blended footing(GTB Mixture).Fluffy geotextile fibers are a type of additive used in arena footing to improve its performance and enhance the riding experience for horses. Geotextile small flakes are incorporated into the arena footing mixture. 

These flakes are designed to improve the footing's characteristics, such as stability, drainage, cushioning, and dust control.Blended footing is designed to provide optimal footing and support for horses during various activities, such as riding, training, and jumping. 

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●  The fluffy geotextile fibers contribute to the cushioning effect of the arena footing.

●   When horses move across the surface, the fibers compress and provide a softer landing, reducing the impact on their joints  and muscles. 

●  This cushioning effect can help minimize the risk of injuries and provide additional comfort for the horse.

●  The addition of fluffy geotextile fibers helps stabilize the arena footing by increasing cohesion between the footing materials. 

●  The fibers interlock with the sand or other components, reducing shifting and creating a more consistent and stable surface. 

●  This stability allows horses to have better traction and balance, reducing the risk of slips and slides.

●  Fluffy geotextile fibers help control dust in the arena. 

●  They trap fine particles and prevent them from becoming airborne, improving air quality for both horses and riders.  


●  Geotextile small flakes can enhance the stability and structural integrity of the arena footing. 

●   When mixed into the footing material, they create a more cohesive surface. 

●  This helps prevent excessive shifting or unevenness, providing a more consistent and stable footing for horses.

●  The presence of geotextile small flakes can contribute to cushioning and impact absorption. 

●  The fibers provide a degree of resilience and give, helping to reduce the strain on horses' joints and muscles.

●  Incorporating geotextile small flakes into the arena footing can assist in dust control. 

●  The fibers bind the footing particles together, reducing the amount of loose dust that becomes airborne when horses move a cross the surface.

●  This contributes to a healthier environment for both horses and riders by minimizing dust inhalation and improving air quality.

●  Geotextile flakes can enhance the longevity of the arena footing and reduce maintenance requirements. 

●  They help improve the overall stability and structure of the footing, reducing the need for frequent leveling or reworking. 

●  This can result in cost savings and less time spent on maintenance tasks 

GTB Mixture (20% fiber silk +80% Geotextile)

●  Some blended footing formulations may include additives like fluffy geo-textile materials or compacted geotextile small flakes to further enhance cushioning, shock absorption, and energy return. 

●  These additives can contribute to improved traction and reduce the strain on horses' joints and muscles.

●  Blended footing is carefully engineered to achieve a consistent and uniform surface.

●  The ideal consistency provides enough firmness for support and traction while maintaining enough cushioning to absorb impact.

●  Proper drainage is also essential to prevent water accumulation and maintain a consistent footing, even during wet weather conditions.

●  Blended footing requires regular maintenance to ensure its performance and longevity.

●  Maintenance practices may include dragging or leveling the surface, adding additional sand or additives as needed, and watering or watering additives to control dust and maintain optimal moisture content.   

●  Blended footing is highly regarded for its ability to provide a consistent, stable, and safe surface for equine activities.

●  It aims to reduce the risk of injuries, promote soundness, and enhance the overall performance of horses. 



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