Horse Barn Equipments

Transform your horse barn into a safe, functional, and inviting space with our comprehensive range of premium horse barn equipment. 

Our carefully designed barn doors ensure secure access for your horses, while the paddock Dutch doors offer flexibility by allowing the top half to open independently, promoting ventilation and interaction. Let natural light and fresh air permeate your barn with our thoughtfully crafted barn windows, creating a healthier environment for your horses. Provide comfort and support with our high-quality barn flooring, featuring options such as rubber mats for optimal cushioning and easy maintenance. 

With our premium horse barn equipment, create an exceptional equine space that prioritizes your horses' well-being, enhances their performance, and simplifies daily barn management for you.

Horse Inspection Stands

If you want your horse to receive safe and easy home or veterinary treatment, the horse inspection stands is a perfect solution. It is also designed to ensure the safety of horse trainers and veterinarians while the horse is undergoing treatment.

The equine stock is equipped with a rotatable front door, a rear door and two side doors to facilitate horse entry and veterinarian operations.

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Product Details


Durable: Shinehope equine stocks are constructed from sturdy steel frames to ensure durability and strength, which provide safety while withstanding the weight and strength of the horse.

High Efficiency: For easy inspection, veterinarians can easily access the horse’s legs and head, improving treatment efficiency.

Anti-rust and Beautiful Surface:The solid frame surface of the horse crush can be optionally hot dipped galvanized or powder coated. Hot-dip galvanizing ensures no rust and long service life. The powder coated surface helps prevent rust and fading, making it look extra luxurious.

Strong Infilled Materials: The horse stocks can be infilled with bamboo wood, pine wood or plastic boards. With Tongue and Groove, the thickness is from 24mm to 32mm.

Easy Installation: Each post comes with a base plate and bolts for easy installation.

Safe:No sharp edges; Heavy duty adjustable hinges; Heavy duty handle


Overall Height: 96"

Overall Width: 39"

Overall Length: 79"

Internal Dimensions:71*31”

Optional: Ring and hooks available for intravenous infusion; footlock; tray


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