Horse Barn Equipments

Transform your horse barn into a safe, functional, and inviting space with our comprehensive range of premium horse barn equipment. 

Our carefully designed barn doors ensure secure access for your horses, while the paddock Dutch doors offer flexibility by allowing the top half to open independently, promoting ventilation and interaction. Let natural light and fresh air permeate your barn with our thoughtfully crafted barn windows, creating a healthier environment for your horses. Provide comfort and support with our high-quality barn flooring, featuring options such as rubber mats for optimal cushioning and easy maintenance. 

With our premium horse barn equipment, create an exceptional equine space that prioritizes your horses' well-being, enhances their performance, and simplifies daily barn management for you.

Horse Paddock Door: SHE101-105

Split Design: The Dutch door is divided horizontally into two sections – an upper and a lower half. The two sections can be opened and closed independently of each other. The upper section usually has a grille or bars to allow ventilation and visibility while keeping the horse contained.

Sturdy Construction: Horse paddock Dutch doors are typically constructed from durable materials such as wood or metal to withstand the wear and tear of the barn environment and the activities of the horses.

Versatile: The Dutch door design offers versatility by allowing the top half to be open while the bottom half remains closed. It allows horses to see and interact with their surroundings even when they are confined to their stalls.

Secure Latches: Dutch doors are equipped with secure latches on both the upper and lower sections, ensuring that horses can be safely confined when needed.

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Product Details


Horse paddock doors offer multiple advantages, including improved ventilation, natural light, social interaction, and easy monitoring of the horse's well-being. The split design allows for greater flexibility in managing the horse's access to the outside environment while ensuring their safety and comfort inside the stall.

Regualr Size1.2*2.4m
Angle Steel Frame2”x2”( 50x50mm)
Infilled OptionPine wood, bamboo wood, plastic board,PC board

Why need horse dutch door

  • Ventilation: The Dutch door design facilitates excellent airflow into the horse stall, even when the top half is closed. This ventilation helps maintain a fresh and healthy environment for the horse and reduces the risk of respiratory issues.

  • Natural Light: When the upper half of the Dutch door is open, natural light can enter the stall, creating a bright and welcoming space for the horse.

  • Monitoring and Safety: Caretakers can easily monitor the horse's well-being without entering the stall by simply looking through the open upper half of the door. This helps in early detection of any issues or injuries.

  • Multi-Functional: Dutch doors are not limited to horse stalls. They can also be used for access to feed rooms, tack rooms, or any other area within the barn or stable.





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