Horse Barn Equipments

Transform your horse barn into a safe, functional, and inviting space with our comprehensive range of premium horse barn equipment. 

Our carefully designed barn doors ensure secure access for your horses, while the paddock Dutch doors offer flexibility by allowing the top half to open independently, promoting ventilation and interaction. Let natural light and fresh air permeate your barn with our thoughtfully crafted barn windows, creating a healthier environment for your horses. Provide comfort and support with our high-quality barn flooring, featuring options such as rubber mats for optimal cushioning and easy maintenance. 

With our premium horse barn equipment, create an exceptional equine space that prioritizes your horses' well-being, enhances their performance, and simplifies daily barn management for you.

Horse Solarium

A horse solarium is a specialized piece of equipment commonly used in equestrian facilities to provide therapeutic benefits and comfort to horses. Horse Solarium Equipment typically consists of a system of overhead infrared or heat lamps designed to emit radiant heat and warm the horse's body. Solarium in Horse Barn is used for various purposes, including warming up muscles before exercise, aiding in the recovery of sore or injured muscles, and simply providing comfort to horses in colder weather. 

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Product Details

Horse Solarium

  • Horse solarium consists of many 150 watts red lamps with infrared rays(IR), rays heating helps increasing blood circulation and the elasticity of the muscles. 

  • There are two sizes include 20 lamps and 15 lamps respectively. 

  • Tests and measurements have shown that the optimum height from the horse is 60 cm, at which the horse is heated and dried optimally.

Control Box

This solarium is made with 15 IR lamps and 4 blowers. 

This version is a perfect solution for the washing area in 

all kinds of horse stables.

This solarium has 20 IR lamps and 6 blowers which means 

that a wet horse can be dried in few minutes.

The Warmth is On...   

The Benefits of Horse Solarium Therapy

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