Horse Stall Accessories: SHE41-78

ShineHope Equine supply you a wide range of horse stall accessories available, each serving a specific purpose to enhance the horse's living space.

Drinkers,Feeders,Hay racks: automatic or manual feeders and drinking bowls ensure a continuous supply of food and water for the horse.  

Blanket hangers: provide a designated place to hang blankets, sheets, or fly masks when they're not in use.

Washing bay panels,Hose pipe boom: designed to facilitate efficient bathing and grooming routines.

Horse Gynecologic Barre: It is specifically designed to facilitate veterinary examinations and other reproductive health interventions in mares. This accessory plays a critical role in equine reproductive management and contributes to the advancement of breeding and medical practices.

These accessories collectively contribute to a horse-friendly stall setup.

When chosen and used thoughtfully, these accessories create a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable environment for both the horse and the handler.

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Product Details

Horse Stall Accessories

SS Feeder 1
Blanket Rack 1
SS Drinker 1
Cast Iron Drinker 1
SHE-41: SS FeederSHE-42: Alu FeederSHE-43: SS DrinkerSHE-44: Cast Iron Drinker
SHE45 1
SHE46 1
Super Corner Hay Rack1
Blanket Rack Picture 1
SHE-45: Wall Hay RackSHE-46: Corner Hay RackSHE-47: Super Corner Hay RackSHE-48: Blanket Rack
Saddle Rack 1
三层 saddle rack 1
Rug Hanger 1

SHE-49: Saddle RackSHE-50: 3 Tier Saddle RackSHE-51: Rug HangerSHE-61: Washing Panel
Horse Gynecologic Barre 1
SHE-62: Washing PanelSHE-63: Washing PanelSHE-64: Washing PanelSHE-67: Horse Gynecologic Barre
falsecapBalls3 800×300 1
SHE-68: Horse SolariumSHE-71 / 72: Brass / SS Flat Cap SHE-73 / 74 / 75: SS / Alu. / Brass Arch Cap
SHE-76 / 77 / 78: SS Brass / Alu. Balls

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