Horse Barn Equipments

Transform your horse barn into a safe, functional, and inviting space with our comprehensive range of premium horse barn equipment. 

Our carefully designed barn doors ensure secure access for your horses, while the paddock Dutch doors offer flexibility by allowing the top half to open independently, promoting ventilation and interaction. Let natural light and fresh air permeate your barn with our thoughtfully crafted barn windows, creating a healthier environment for your horses. Provide comfort and support with our high-quality barn flooring, featuring options such as rubber mats for optimal cushioning and easy maintenance. 

With our premium horse barn equipment, create an exceptional equine space that prioritizes your horses' well-being, enhances their performance, and simplifies daily barn management for you.

Horse Wash Panel

A horse wash panel is usually situated within a horse barn or a covered area that provides shelter from the elements. Horse Wash Stall may be an open-air stall or a designated section of the barn with proper drainage to handle water runoff. The size of a horse wash panel can vary, but it is typically designed to accommodate one horse at a time. It should provide enough space for the horse to stand comfortably and move slightly. To secure the horse during the washing process, tie-up points or hitching posts are often installed near the panel.

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Product Details

Washing Panel Styles


Built to Last: Our Horse Wash Bay Panel is constructed with durability in mind. It can withstand the demands of daily use in a stable environment, ensuring it serves you and your horse for years to come.

Easy Installation:Our team of experts will install the panel with minimal disruption to your stable routine. We understand the importance of convenience in your daily horse care regimen.

Customization Options: Choose from a variety of panel designs and features to match your stable's aesthetic and cater to your horse's preferences. Personalize your panel to make it uniquely yours.

Upgrade your horse's grooming routine and provide them with the care they deserve. Discover the benefits of our Horse Wash Bay Panel today, and watch your horse shine with health and vitality.

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