How To Choose The Different Types of Portable Horse Stables


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What + How To Choose The Different Types of Portable Horse Stables


Are you in the market for a portable horse stable but feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of options available? Look no further! In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of selecting the perfect portable horse stable to suit your needs.


When it comes to horse stables, one would envision various types, ranging from modular horse stables, classic horse stables, European horse stables, luxury horse stables, and so forth. This naturally includes our sliding door horse stables and hinged door horse stables. These are all excellent choices for horse barn. Apart from permanent horse stables, there are also portable horse stables. With the warming weather and economic recovery, equestrian competitions have also begun to grow rapidly. The role and advantages of temporary horse stables are particularly evident.


There is a wide variety of portable horse stables on the market, with varying qualities. As a professional horse stable manufacturer in China , with 15 years of production experience in portable stables, we have the responsibility and obligation to help everyone choose a quality portable stable.

Ensuring The Quality of Portable Horse Stables


Material: A sturdy and durable steel structure frame is the guarantee of a good portable stable, with Q235 steel being the preferred material.

Thickness: The thickness of the pipe determines the stability of the frame. Typically, the wall thickness of the stable frame should not be less than 2.0mm to ensure sufficient durability.

Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing  of the surface is currently the best anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment method on the market. Hot-dip galvanizing follows ISO standard ISO 1461:2022. The entire stable is placed in a zinc pot so that both the inside and outside of the stable have a protective zinc layer, achieving the effect of corrosion resistance and rust prevention. A good hot-dip galvanized surface is uniform and bright, without zinc slag.

Advantage: Hot-dip galvanizing has another advantage over power coating finish, which is not worrying about bumps and scratches, especially for leasing customers and organizers of equestrian competitions, without worrying about bumps and abrasions during disassembly and transportation. Most temporary stables are constantly moving and installing with the changing time and location of the competition. The surface of hot-dip galvanizing can meet your requirements very well.


Welding quality determines whether the stable is sturdy enough. Good welding is reflected in full welding, flat welding joints, no missed welding, no holes, and other defects. Welding joints have sufficient strength and toughness to meet the requirements of tensile and impact resistance.


How To Choose The Portable Horse Stall With Tents

Considering the particularity of equestrian competitions and outdoor activities, portable horse stable roofs are mainly used for outdoor events, horse shows, equestrian competitions, and temporary stabling situations where quick and easy assembly and disassembly are needed. Choosing a suitable roof is very important. The following aspects will be analyzed:


To ensure the size of the roof is suitable according to the size requirements of the competition venue and the stable size. According to FEI requirements, the size of a single stable cannot be less than 9 square meters, which is 3m x 3m. Typically, 3m x 3m is the most commonly chosen. If you want the horses to live more comfortably, 3.5m x 3.5m, 3m x 4m, 4m x 4m can also be selected. Of course, the larger the size, the higher the cost.

Depending on the horse's needs, site restrictions, and price and budget considerations, choose whether the stables should be arranged back-to-back or face-to-face.


Portable horse stables, back-to-back layout: Stable compartments are adjacent and arranged back-to-back. This layout can save the number of rear panels and the length of the roof is relatively short. The cost is lower, and the installation is relatively simple.


Portable horse stables, face-to-face layout: The stables in this layout are arranged on the left and right sides, with a central aisle usually 3 meters to 4 meters wide. This layout is suitable for face-to-face interaction with horses, providing better spatial and comfortable feeling. Correspondingly, the cost is relatively higher.


What Is The Material of Portable Stable Roof? And What is The Expected Lifespan of The Roof?

Photo: PVC Fireproof Video


The canopy fabric on our portable horse stables is made of polyester fiber canopy fabric, which is a high-quality material. Polyester fiber is a premium material in the canopy fabric. It has excellent durability, wear resistance, weather resistance, and light resistance.

  • Durability: Strong enough to withstand common weather conditions.

  • Abrasion and Tear Resistance: The middle of the fabric is a 100x1000 polyester mesh, with PVC coating on both sides. Wear-resistant and tear-resistant.

  • Weather Resistance: Waterproof, sun-proof, and UV-resistant.

  • Fire Resistance: This is very important; our canopy fabric meets the European B1 fire resistance standard.


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