Round Pen Cover: Exploring Definition, Benefits, and Purchasing


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Round Pen Cover: Exploring Definition, Benefits, and Purchasing


What is round pen covers?


Round pen covers are designed to provide a comfortable and safe training environment for riders, horse trainers, and horses, unaffected by harsh weather conditions. Whether it's biting cold winds, scorching sun, or pouring rain, round pen covers act like a magical protective umbrella, safeguarding you and your horses from harm, allowing for comfortable and secure training.

What are the Benefits of Using Round Pen Covers?


Once you start using round pen covers, you'll find it to be a very wise choice. It not only shields horses and trainers from external environmental factors but also effectively protects horses and enhances training efficiency. Let's explore the benefits of using round pen covers.


Benefits for Horses:

  • Unaffected by weather: With round pen covers, horses can train anytime, anywhere, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Focused training: The high walls of round pen covers effectively block external stimuli, allowing horses to focus on training.

  • Temperature control: Round pen covers help regulate temperature, providing coolness in hot summers and warmth in cold winters.

  • Horse health: Round pen covers provide a clean and hygienic surface, reducing the risk of horses getting sick.


Benefits for Riders and Horse Trainers:

  • Safety: Enclosed spaces reduce the likelihood of accidents during horse training.

  • Comfort: Comfortable environment throughout the year makes training more enjoyable.

  • Efficiency: Reduced external disturbances lead to more efficient training.

  • Versatility: Riders can ride horses inside, and trainers can train them. Even horses can freely play and roll inside.


5 Key Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Round Pen Covers

Round pen covers are a significant investment. Before deciding to buy, please consider the following 5 factors:


  1. Diameter Sizes: Choose the appropriate diameter size based on site limitations, horse size, and training needs. Once confirmed, it cannot be enlarged because the roof is customized based on the diameter.

  2. Material Selection: Normally, there has 2 different designs- Covered round pen canvas top and Covered round pen color steel tile roof. Pls kindly choose based on local climate and weather conditions.

  3. Fence Wall Selection: Choose between semi-enclosed and fully enclosed fences, with different materials such as HDPE boards, wooden boards, and bamboo boards, based on the training and usage of horses.

  4. Budget: Different materials determine different prices. Choose the most suitable one based on budget and needs.

  5. Disassembly and Transport: Since many sites are temporary constructions, plan whether disassembly and transfer will be needed in the future before purchasing.


Although round pen covers are a significant investment, we believe they are the best choice you can make, greatly improving you and your horse's well-being. Many hidden benefits will gradually become apparent over time.


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