Horse Stall Flooring

Horse stable rubber flooring is a popular choice for providing a comfortable and safe environment for horses in their stalls. 

Horse stable flooring is typically made from high-quality, durable rubber materials. The flooring is available in various thicknesses and sizes to suit different stall dimensions. 

The mats or pavers have a textured surface that provides traction for the horse, reducing the risk of slipping and injury.

Equestrian flooring offers excellent shock absorption, providing a comfortable surface for horses to stand, lie down, and move around.  

Horse stall flooring helps to dampen noise, reducing the sound of hoof impacts and other movements within the stall. This can create a quieter and more peaceful environment, promoting rest and relaxation for the horse.

Rubber flooring is highly durable and built to withstand the heavy use and demands of a horse stall.

Rubber Paver: SHE117-118

ShineHope Equine rubber pavers offer numerous benefits for horse stall flooring. They provide excellent traction and slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries for both horses and handlers. The textured surface of the pavers helps horses maintain their footing, even in wet or slippery conditions.

Interlocking rubber pavers also offer cushioning and shock absorption, providing a comfortable surface for horses to stand and lie down on. The cushioning properties help reduce strain on the horse's joints and hooves, promoting overall comfort and well-being.

Additionally, these pavers have sound-absorbing qualities, minimizing noise levels within the stall or barn. This contributes to a calmer and less stressful environment for horses, promoting better rest and relaxation.

Interlocking rubber pavers are low-maintenance and easy to clean. They are resistant to moisture absorption, preventing the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors. Regular sweeping, hosing, or pressure washing can keep the pavers clean and hygienic.

These pavers are also known for their durability and long lifespan. They can withstand heavy use, resist wear and tear, and are highly resistant to impact and abrasion. This makes them a cost-effective flooring option in the long run.

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Product Details

Rubber Paver: SHE117-118

  • The horse stall rubber paver is a specially designed flooring solution that offers a comfortable, safe, and durable environment for horses in their stalls. 

  • These rubber pavers are typically made from high-quality crushed particles of waste tires, providing a soft yet resilient surface that offers numerous benefits for both horses and their caretakers.

TypeLengthWidthThicknessHardness for shore
full fine grains on the whole depth200mm160mm23mm40-60
full fine grains on the whole depth200mm160mm43mm40-60
fine grains on top, bottom with coarse granule200mm160mm43mm40-60
Application: Horse stables, Horse Pathways, Walkways, Aisle Ways

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