Horse Jumps & Dressage

Horse show jumping wings play a crucial role in defining the height and width of the jumps and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the course.

Show jumping wings come in various designs and materials, although the most common type is made of wood and aluminum. The height of the wings can vary depending on the level of the competition and the desired difficulty of the jumps.

In addition to their functional role, show jumping wings can also contribute to the overall theme or aesthetics of the competition. Some wings may feature decorative elements, such as sponsor logos, national flags, or unique designs. This adds a visually appealing aspect to the jumps and enhances the spectator experience.

The dressage arena is a specific area designed for practicing and performing dressage, which is a highly skilled and disciplined form of horse riding. It provides a controlled space for riders to execute precise movements and patterns with their horses.

Show Jump Accessories

Horse show jump accessories are essential elements used in show jumping competitions. Here supplies safety cups, keyhole tracks, water trays, jumping poles, end caps, flags, jumping markers,start&finish,etc.The primary advantages of these horse show jump accessories include increased safety, convenience in jump setup and adjustment, enhanced visual appeal, and the ability to create a variety of challenging and dynamic jump configurations. These accessories contribute to the overall success and enjoyment of show jumping competitions by ensuring a safe and fair playing field for both horse and rider.

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Product Details

Jump Accessories

Jump Cup:18/20/25/35mmRelease AdaptorAluminum Keyhole TrackSteel Keyhole Track


Plastic Keyhole TrackWood PolePlastic Pole Wood InsidePlastic Pole
Aluminum PoleJump FlagsEnd Caps:88/93/95/96/97/100mmJump Marker
falseSoft Poles
Start and FinishSoft PoleWater Jump - Round/RectangularWater Jump - Hexagonal
Water Jump - ClassicPlastic CavalettiAluminum CavalettiPole Trailer
Winner ProdiumShow Jump FillersShow Jump PlanksShow Jump Gates
Artificial FlowersFlower BoxAluminum Flower BoxArtificial Trees

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