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Horse Stalls China Supplier Made By ShineHope Equine ( Factory Direct Sales )

- Custom Designs, Sizes, Colors and More

Horse Stall Manufacturer & Supplier in China

ShineHope Equine is a professional Horse Stall Manufacturer in China. With 20 years production experience in Equine industry.

As a responsible China Horse Stall Supplier, we design, manufacture and build different kinds of Horse Stalls, Horse Stall Fronts, Horse Stall Kits,  Horse Stall Doors,Horse Stable Equipment and Horse Barn Products to meet your stunning horse barn request.

Horse Stall Designing 

HorseStall Design

Horse Stall Manufacturing

HorseStall Manufacturing

Horse Stall Solutions: From Simple Horse Stall Panel to Luxury Horse Stalls                                 

Every horse owner has unique needs and preferences, which is why ShineHope Equine offers a diverse range of horse stall products, from modular horse stall to luxury horse stalls.

Whether you are renovating an existing horse barn or constructing a new barn, we have the expertise to customize our horse stalls to perfectly align with your vision..

Modular Horse Stalls  


Luxury Horse Stalls


Crafting Safety, Strength, and Elegance in Horse Stalls:

We profoundly grasp that constructing horse stalls is not merely an occupation, it's a way of Life. Our mission is supply safety, strong, elegant and comfortable horse stall products for you and your horses. We always put the safety of people and horses in the first place, and ensure the quality and beauty of the products at the same time.

Horse Stalls In HDG Finish


Horse Stalls In Powder Coating Finish


Hinged Horse Stall Doors vs Sliding Horse Stalls for your Equestrian Facilty:

When it comes to designing horse stalls for your equestrian facility, choosing between Hinged Horse Stalls and Sliding Horse Stalls is a crucial decision. Each type has its own set of advantages, and your choice should be guided by your specific needs, space, and budget. Here are some designs of Horse Stall Hinged Door and Horse Stall Sliding Door for your choose, Custom horse stalls are available.

Horse Stalls Hinged Door

-Hinged doors are popular choice because they are simple, easy to operate, and provide a clear and wide opening for horses to enter and exit the stalls.


Horse Stall Sliding Door

Sliding doors are designed to slide smoothly to the side when opening or closing. It is space-efficient and practical choice for horse stalls.



Horse Stall Specifications:

  • Steel Frame: Square Tube 2”x2” ( 50x50mm )

  • Round Bars on Upper: 1” ( 25mm )

  • Distance Between Bars: 2.36” ( 60mm )

  • Round Post: 4” ( 102mm )

Horse Stall Fill Options:

  • Bamboo Woods: 

       All bamboo with Tongue & Groove. Oiling the surface. With Thickness: 32mm, 28mm and 20mm

  • Yellow Pine Woods

       With Tongue & Groove. Painting on the surface. With Thickness 40mm, 38mm, and 32mm

  • Plastic Boards

       All Plastic boards with Tongue & Groove. With 28mm Thickness.


The Finish:

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing coating, silver color

  • All steel material are pre-galvanized coating

  • Then Plus powder coating finish. Follow Pantone Color and RAL Color.